Ken Weeden & Associates

Feather Flag Mockup for Large Format Printing - BRANDilly Creative Group

The BRANDilly Creative Group, we pride ourselves on crafting unique and impactful branding solutions that resonate with our clients’ visions and aspirations. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, we were honored to be entrusted with the task of designing a logo for Ken Weeden & Associates, a full-service Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program consultant, with a focus on airports, transit systems, and state DOTs in 36 states and three U.S. territories.

Design Concept: In conceptualizing the logo for Ken Weeden & Associates, we drew inspiration from the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the transportation and aviation industries. Our design blends elements of precision, sophistication, and forward motion to convey the company’s ethos of efficiency and reliability. The incorporation of sleek lines and bold typography evokes a sense of authority and professionalism, while subtle elements (like the upward moving airplan) hint at the innovation and ingenuity that set Ken Weeden & Associates apart in their field.

Impact and Results: Upon unveiling the new logo, Ken Weeden & Associates experienced an overwhelmingly positive response from both internal stakeholders and external audiences alike. The logo’s sleek and professional aesthetic immediately resonated with clients, partners, and industry peers, reinforcing the company’s position as a leader in planning and goal-setting for airports and transportation systems.