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BRANDilly Creative Group sponsored registration for a future entrepreneur to attend the 2023 Entrepreneurs Dream Summit in Charlotte, NC. The Summit is a three day, intensive workshop presented by Peace 4 Poverty in conjunction with Microsoft, geared toward aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch and grow their businesses.

Peace4Poverty is a organization that educates, uplifts, adults, young adults, and youth in under served communities. They do this by career training in various business fields that lead to successful entrepreneurship. Peace4poverty focuses on the inner poverty that exists with those who are in undeserved communities, so that each individual has the peace within to apply all tools needed to help change their internal and external reality of poverty

Event goals include:

  1. To establish 40+ businesses registered to attendees of the conference, ensuring proper structure and business set up details.
  2. To provide education and resources to improve the summit attendees financial standing.
  3. To educate on and implement M365 for small businesses for all attendees.
  4. To provide on-site support for marketing, branding and website development.
  5. To provide resources on funding sources for small business owners.

Learn More about the Entrepreneur’s Dream Summit

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