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I’m thrilled to share a special initiative close to my heart at BRANDilly Creative Group — the VP Charitable Corner. This quarterly tradition allows us to give back to our community by selecting deserving nonprofits to receive creative services and/or printed goods, completely free of charge.

For our inaugural VP Charitable Giveaway, we’ve chosen Advocacy to Alleviate Homelessness (AAH), Inc. as our first recipient. AAH, Inc. is a beacon of hope, dedicated to providing resources and education to alleviate homelessness in Wake and surrounding counties in North Carolina. Their mission aligns perfectly with our values of compassion and community support.

Though the non-profit recipient is drawn completely at random, I can tell you why AAH, Inc. is so deserving. This incredible nonprofit and its founder, Mrs. Janet Hocutt-Hairston, works tirelessly to address the root causes of homelessness through advocacy, education, and outreach programs. They not only provide immediate assistance to those in need but also empower individuals to break the cycle of homelessness through education and skill-building initiatives. Pretty great, right? We think so too.

For more information about Advocacy to Alleviate Homelessness and to support their mission, visit their website at


At Brandilly, we believe in the power of creativity to spark change and amplify voices that deserve to be heard. Our team is excited to collaborate with non-profits across North Carolina, using our expertise to support their vital mission.

If you would like to nominate a non-profit, complete the VP Charitable Corner nomination form that can be found here.

Remember, giving back isn’t just a gesture—it’s a way of life. Join us on this journey of impact and compassion.

VP Charitable Corner Giveaway

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